WHAT IS PERMAFINISH PLUS?Type your paragraph here.

PermaFinish PLUS is a specially formulated CERAMIC treatment which is applied after the PermaFinish Chemical process is completed to achieve additional protection.  The ceramic treatment hardens the painted surface quicker to guard against any damaging element and is instantly more effective in resisting surface scratches (as opposed to the PermaFinish Chemical Process alone which must "cure" to its final hardness). 

This NEW treatment, combined with the renowned PermaFinish Chemical Process creates a doubly protected surface that offers the most benefits while being reasonably affordable.

Not all vehicles will qualify for either the PermaFinish Chemical Process or PermaFinish PLUS (with Ceramic).  The proposed vehicle will need to be to inspected by our PermaFinish experts to determine the current paint surface thickness and condition.  Call us at 678-382-1000 to set up your FREE consultation.Type your paragraph here.




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